About Nicocyl

 It is a better solution than conventional coating, industrial floors are cost efficient and durable. IBO NICOCYLE®: industrial floor tiles have been tested according to GB 18586-2001. In addition, it has been tested by “Nordrhein-Westfalen” and “Hygiene Institute Gelsenkirchen” according to the relevant standards applicable to floors for industrial and commercial environments.

Nicocyl Industrial Floors exist in Germany over 30 years. The German company is the sole producer of this recycled material, and owns all patents for the innovations. A special adhesive was developed for this material to allow installation without the use of any primer.

  • Material: NICOLIT
  • Ready to use: approximately 24 hours after installation
  • Adhesive: two-component PU Adhesive System specifically developed for NICOCYL® floors.
  • Colours: most common: black, grey or red, other colours are available upon request. Colour deviations are technically unavoidable because NICOCYL® is a fully recycled product.
  • High Resistance 

  • Durable 

  • Eco and Customer Friendly  

industrial floor

Tile Size

500x500mm  Overall dimension, trimmed
490x490mm Visible dimension for tongue and groove system
480x480mm Visible dimension for clip-plus, trimmed
480x480mm visible dimension for interlock, trimmed


R10 Production Surface, Knobbed Surface, Textured Surface
R11 Grained Surface

Tile Thickness

5mm          8kg/m2
10mm        16kg/m2
14mm        20kg/m2
20mm        32kg/m2