Standards Slab

Straight Edge:

Straight edge system is ideal for work area with dynamic loads. 1t/m2.
When used with adhesive bonding, it provides a long lasting, wear resistant and maintenance free floor solution for any workshop floor. Application can be done on various subfloor conditions and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


The Clip-Plus can be installed without adhesive bonding for dynamic loads < 1t/m2, thanks to the hidden correction system on the back of the tiles. The tiles are connected in a stable and solid way with switches, which can be welded in several colours for decorative reasons.


The interlock System can be installed on any existing subfloor without adhesive bonding. The interlocking tiles give high stability and can be removed at any time.

Tongue and Groove:

Quick installation without adhesive bonding is possible for light dynamic loads <0,5 t/m2. With adhesive bonding and welding, the system is completely water and vapour proof. This installation method can meet the highest requirements, and suitable for clean rooms, food processing and hazardous goods storage and rooms with special environmental requirements.